Organisational Development

Your organisation is your people – your people are your success!

The aim of our organisational development practice is to foster more effective, healthier organisations through focusing on the people that work there – how they connect and interact. Often this means understanding and improving individual performance, team climate, and organisational agility – how individuals work together and the impact of leadership on a team.

Our organisational development services include:

Strategy, design and planning

Leadership and team development

Organisational culture and team climate

Change management

We look at the ‘hard-wired’ elements of organisations and how people experience them: goals, roles and processes. But just as important are the ‘softer’ aspects of flexibility and endurance that ensure people are able – both physically and mentally – to stand the test of time and continue to perform no matter what the external forces of change are.

Facilitation and coaching are key tools in our approach to helping our clients to identify development opportunities and solutions:

Group workshops: using a collaborative and facilitative approach based upon coaching principles, we help teams to work toward  a whole range of organisational goals.

Individual coaching: we help successful people to become even more effective by challenging assumptions and behavioural norms, emphasising strengths and potential, and encouraging change.

Our methods for understanding and optimising organisational, team and individual performance are:

Pragmatic: driving practical action that will make a difference

Empowering: focusing on what can be changed by the organisation, team or individual

Balanced: optimising strengths as well as identifying gaps

Performance Climate System – meet our first Master Practitioner, Becci Clarke!

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Click on this link to find out more about our Developing Positive Behaviours program.

We also design and implement organisational development initiatives and have particular experience in:

Strategy development * Operating model design * Programme definition * Process modelling