Developing Positive Behaviours Program

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Do you worry about how you will keep your good people?

Are you concerned about team performance or the culture in your office?

Do you think your people are happy and committed but you’d like to be sure?

Are your people complaining?

Do you want to show your people that they have a voice and that you listen?

Are you committed to continuous improvement and want to demonstrate that?

Do any of these ring true with you?


We help you to identify actions that will rapidly improve the “mood” in your organisation, contributing to longer term culture change.

Happier people, improved performance and more success are just a few of the resulting benefits to your organisation!

We look at how your people are feeling and performing within their team environments. What is the impact of leadership on the team? How are individuals working together? How do people feel about how they are working?

We consider perceptions of why are we here and what do we need to achieve? Who are “we” and how do I fit into the bigger picture? How do we do what we need to do? But importantly we also address the critical factors of flexibility, connectivity and endurance to ensure that people are able, both physically and mentally, to continue performing over time.

People feel valued and your organisation improves its performance sustainability and resilience!


Resilience is the ability to cope with unexpected changes and challenges.

In order for your organisation to achieve sustainable performance it needs to be resilient. In order for your organisation to be resilient, your people need to be resilient. This means they are adaptable to deal with any stress and pressures that come along, resulting in sustainable performance over the long term. Optimism, positivity, motivation, pride… these are some of the things that we see evident in the teams that we support. Good for your people and good for you!

“…very useful for the team to have an opportunity to contribute”

“So pleased to be consulted – a chance to have a voice”

“We are the strength – we are the solution!”

“I got the spark of connection back as I’d been feeling isolated, thank you”

“Great to reflect back on what I thought was happening and see it confirmed”

“The facilitator did well to engage the team and draw out responses from those less open to comment… A really professional job – well done”

“You have done a great job and worked hard to give value”

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