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In one word… resilience.

We help people who want to improve how they experience and interact with the world around them.

In a business environment this might be about flexing and growing with changes in your market, products or people. It can be represented as a shift from functioning to optimised, achieved through agility and collaboration.

In a personal sense it is about physical and mental wellbeing and the quality of life we can develop for ourselves. The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive!

The notion of a ‘vicious cycle‘ is well known. A bad night’s sleep leads to tiredness, which leads to an increasing tendency to worry, which leads to a bad night’s sleep… and so the downward spiral continues. Perhaps it says a lot about our world that no phrase comes immediately to mind for the opposite phenomenon! For now we shall refer to the positive chain of events where good things lead to more good things as the ‘upward spiral’. For example, exercise leads to more energy, which gives us more motivation to exercise, and when this cycle continues it results in huge benefits to our health.

It is this ‘upward spiral’ of events that we seek to achieve with the interactions we design and implement at Steps Co. Whether optimising a business model, driving a change initiative, improving team performance or facilitating personal development, our approach is always agile, collaborative, people-focused, and driven by a genuine desire to improve future experiences. Our ultimate aim is happy, positive people!


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Organisational Development

Your organisation is your people – your people are your success!

The aim of our organisational development practice is to foster more effective, healthier organisations through focusing on the people that work there – how they connect and interact. Often this means understanding and improving individual performance, team climate, and organisational agility – how individuals work together and the impact of leadership on a team.

Our organisational development services include:

Strategy, design and planning

Leadership and team development

Organisational culture and team climate

Change management

We look at the ‘hard-wired’ elements of organisations and how people experience them: goals, roles and processes. But just as important are the ‘softer’ aspects of flexibility and endurance that ensure people are able – both physically and mentally – to stand the test of time and continue to perform no matter what the external forces of change are.

Facilitation and coaching are key tools in our approach to helping our clients to identify development opportunities and solutions:

Group workshops: using a collaborative and facilitative approach based upon coaching principles, we help teams to work toward  a whole range of organisational goals.

Individual coaching: we help successful people to become even more effective by challenging assumptions and behavioural norms, emphasising strengths and potential, and encouraging change.

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Personal Development

We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own to do list…

The STEPS CO programme for a healthier, happier life is based upon the principle that we need balance in our lives. It promotes a way of living, not a quick fix to an isolated issue. It can be easy to forget our basic human needs when we are racing around trying to fit too many things into too little time. We believe that sustainable health and wellbeing requires balance across four key areas of our lives:

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At Steps Co we bring together like-minded individuals and organisations who believe in the power of healthy living to improve our overall wellbeing and happiness. Together we help people to foster positive attitudes and behaviours that feed the ‘upward cycle’ of their own lives and those around them.

Individual coaching and group workshops

Group fitness training with Do You Even Bootcamp!?®

Bespoke fitness packages – businesses, schools, sports clubs, local community engagements, team building

Nutrition and healthy living advice and support

Referrals to approved specialist practitioners
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