Based in Western Australia, Steps Co is in its fifth year of operation, but brings together decades of experience from across the world. Our team of passionate superstars deliver a broad range of people-centred interactions that are drivers for change in attitudes and behaviours.

We help business leaders to inspire change and mindset shifts in their people; we support government and community organisations to encourage lasting transformation; and we empower individuals who are motivated to improve how they experience and interact with the world around them.

Our range of tools and techniques is vast, but the common theme across them all is a focus on improving perceptions and experiences through increased understanding, confidence and accountability. Our approach is always agile, collaborative, people-focused, and driven by a genuine desire to improve future experiences.


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Independent Facilitation

Guiding groups to collaborate toward shared outcomes

You’ve got ideas, contextual knowledge and a vision. We can bring the tools and techniques to help you navigate the process and achieve your goals. With 300+ facilitation engagements over 15 years under our belts, across a vast range of sectors and organisations, we really do know how to get the best out of your workshop or other event! Your people are your success!

In order to optimise the group dynamic in pursuit of agreed outcomes, we integrate the physical and intellectual aspects of facilitation to deliver high quality interactions… every time.

We engage across all phases of your event: designing the activities and flow, planning the sessions, preparing people and logistics, facilitating the delivery, and consolidating through analysis and reporting.

“Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the high quality facilitation you provided for each session. Well organised, great attention to detail and you kept the attendees on task and on time… really appreciate the effort and focus you provided.”


Change and Communications

Change Management

Change management is the discipline that guides how we prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes*.

At Steps Co we understand that every change situation is different, with unique characteristics requiring a well-considered and structured approach to managing it. Therefore, a “one-size-fits-all” method is not effective for change management. However we do have a framework consisting of distinct phases, across which 6 core themes of activity sit:

People are generally creatures of habit, hard-wired to resist adopting new mind-sets, practices, and behaviours. To achieve and sustain change, we support individuals within an organisation to embed new mind-sets, practices, and behaviours – and that takes time. We take a benefits-focused approach, meaning we begin with the end in mind and ensure we speak the language of those who will be impacted, answering the “what’s in it for me?” question.

* See Prosci: What is Change Management?]


We understand that consistent communications across multiple channels, utilising appropriate content and language, is necessary to achieve the best outcomes. Outcomes may be related to sharing information with as many people as possible; improving awareness and understanding; eliciting support for a specific campaign or initiative; or to bringing about behaviour change.

Whatever your marketing and engagement goals, the overarching aim of all our communications activity is to evoke positive emotional responses to optimise the chances of you achieving them.


Personal Health and Fitness

We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own to do list…

Our health practice is all about physical and mental wellbeing and the quality of life we can develop for ourselves.

The notion of a ‘vicious cycle‘ is well known. A bad night’s sleep leads to tiredness, which leads to an increasing tendency to worry, which leads to a bad night’s sleep… and so the downward spiral continues. Perhaps it says a lot about our world that no phrase comes immediately to mind for the opposite phenomenon! It is an ‘upward spiral’ of events that we seek to achieve as we support individuals on their journey of improved physical and mental health. Our ultimate aim is happy, positive people!

Our Health and Fitness services include: individual coaching and group workshops; timetabled group fitness training; bespoke fitness packages – for individuals, businesses, schools, sports clubs, local community engagements, team building; nutrition and healthy living advice and support; referrals to approved specialist practitioners.


My Basic Training

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