About Us

In one word… resilience.

We help people who want to improve how they experience and interact with the world around them, and those who wish to encourage others to change their perceptions, behaviours and experiences.

In a business environment this might be about flexing and growing with changes in your market, products or people. It could be about optimising the opportunities for your people to grow and collaborate. It may be about designing and implementing marketing campaigns that can  bring about desired changes in attitudes, mindsets and behaviours.

In a personal sense it is about physical and mental wellbeing and the quality of life we can develop for ourselves. The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive!

The notion of a ‘vicious cycle‘ is well known. A bad night’s sleep leads to tiredness, which leads to an increasing tendency to worry, which leads to a bad night’s sleep… and so the downward spiral continues. Perhaps it says a lot about our world that no phrase comes immediately to mind for the opposite phenomenon! For now we shall refer to the positive chain of events where good things lead to more good things as the ‘upward spiral’. For example, exercise leads to more energy, which gives us more motivation to exercise, and when this cycle continues it results in huge benefits to our health.

It is this ‘upward spiral’ of events that we seek to achieve with the interactions we design and implement at Steps Co. Whether optimising a business model, driving a change initiative, improving team performance or facilitating personal development, our approach is always agile, collaborative, people-focused, and driven by a genuine desire to improve future experiences. Our ultimate aim is happy, positive people!


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